IoT in Agriculture: Smart Farming Platform

We help farmers expand high tech farming techniques and solutions in order to develop the productivity of their day-to-day work

We know that making the right decisions in agriculture is sometimes hard

IOT also accounts for the various issues faced in Agriculture, arguably one of the biggest and fastest growing industries today with technology sky rocketing over the past few years. But again, with development in technology comes an increase in workload of management and increased risk of failure and problems.

Clout our integrated agricultural solutions, designed from the ground up for the Internet of things

IOT has made its way to agriculture over the years and is used to monitor and save many different climate and device status and functionality. With the introduction of sensors and smart devices in agriculture, farmers are now able to monitor crops and cattle in real time and always have eyes on the status and functionality of their equipment, effectively setting up predictive analytics to prevent problems before they surface.

Benefits & Outcomes

Employ IOT, machine learning and data science machine learning to improve your business results.

Increase Profits and Yield

Reduce downtime during planting, irrigating, fertilizing and harvesting. Detect equipment malfunction and repair in advanced

Data Sciences Driven Decisions

By making good decisions and more precise yield forecasting, by tackling data like live moist conditions and weather.

Harness Your Field DATA

Associate all your field resource data into one view, apply data driven determination, to turn your resource- specific data into revenue-generating contingency.

Always Learning Optimized Opertions

To Understand preferred your field condition before set-up machines and people. Maximize effort efficiency by optimizing machine productivity utilization, and routes.

Maximized up-time and yield

Avert unplanned downtime to keep resources up and running. Use anticipating analytics to make a better soil management, harvesting and irrigation for maximum output.

Reduce risk increase predictability

Predictive mechanical and environmental announce before they happen to overcome downtime and boost yield output.

The future of agriculture is in save and Scrutinize smart data in order to magnify your yield every year.

At NEWitsystems we help farmers deploy high tech farming techniques and solution in order to improve the efficiency of their day-to-day work. By using sensors & smartphones, farmers can now Casually monitor their equipments and crops in real time, and utilize conjecturing analytics to predict when issues will happen.

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