Resolve your industry-specific issues by integrating dynamic IoT technology, trade & AI

A entirely connected predictive preservation solution designed from the ground up for the Internet of things.

Packed full of features

Everything joined for you to propel your IoT solution

Powerful Infrastructure

The newitsystems infrastructure is devise for immeasureable scalability and ultimate redundancy. Using a Multi-time Zone(Multi-AZ) and accumbent scaling architectures, hosted on the cloud acorss unnecessary servers and mirrored across geographic separated places.

Secure and encrypted

Our whole platform is capped by a SSL/TLS stack to equip maximum survelliance in the cloud. It's what gives the mechanism for point-to-point inscription on all HTTPS transactions, and it protected a number of other TCP/IP data communication. But that wasn't sufficient for us.

Rules,Event and Triggers

Design practice business rules, events & triggers in minutes applying our drag & drop tools. Even if they come from exterior and interior data points. Our solution gives you with endless event-driven efficiency.

Analytics & Monitoring

Real-Time Data Stream Processing continuously collects data as it's generated from devices and promptly reacts to critical information. Examine and to see the data and get valuable business acumen on usage, device, users and more.

Device Management

To Register devices with rare identifiers for certification. Inject metadata into raw device data. Build device troop for easier extent management. Send mandate to devices on-appeal. Commands are actions that can be performed by the device.

Device and Data Agnostic

Created to be able to lecture to any device and any covenant. Since NBRnewitsystems is data agnostic, no matter what data sets and information you send we can understand and process it. NBRnewitsystems will automatically discover all available devices/sensors in the network environment

Our Agile approach

Our bodiless, visual drag & drop gadgets make it easy to rapidly design, attach and deploy business level IoT solutions.

Identify business goals

The Internet of Things can norm many things for distinctive businesses. We make sure loT + Data science is used correctly to meet your business goals, from Decreasing costs, by improving and automating processes to utilizing data science to make better business decisions.

Rapid Prototying

Our visual IOT application builder enables you to fast design, connect and deploy capable IOT applications without script a line of code, preserving you a enormous amount of time and worth to go to barter. Be capable to make fast diversity on the fly, as the data discharge in.

Data Simulation

Our replica tool enables you to fathom a system's nature without actually trying the scheme in the real world. Useful insights about different decisions in this phase saves a huge amount of time, and eliminates the risk of mistakes in the real world

Data Science

Creating acumen into real time IOT data can be problematic. To resolve this opportunity, we spread machine learning breakthrough to "learn" knowledge directly from data left out assuming a prearranged equation as a exemplary.

Rapid continuous improvements

Adaptively to make better performance as you raised the number of fragment available for research. Adjust your lot solution based on data from both machines and people, using our drag and drop tools. fast continues development without scripting a line of cipher.

Better Business outcomes

The capability for trades to stay agile to acclimate will cooperate in develop more fund streams but also anciallary in the agile evolution of new solutions and stock with trade and societal profits.

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